Devlog 31/08

Hi all!

We've been hard at work planning out and implementing new features for the full version of the game, things both big and small. A small video have been made to show off a few things that are mostly complete.

- Saving & Loading : Players can save and load their progress at any point in the game either manually or through an autosave. This was implemented due to the length of the full game being much longer. On top of that, the game will be less forgiving in some areas that will be added, so it felt necessary to avoid further frustrations.

- Inspecting, rotating and reading objects : Objects in the environment can now be properly inspected and even read. Wanna know more about "Breb"? Read the back of the packaging and find out. What about those fitness DVD's? Maybe check the back of the box and find out. This will be important for immersion within the store and....other areas.

- New enemy - [REDACTED] : This one had to be censored because of spoilers, but there WILL be more enemies than what's currently in the demo, and they will behave in....strange ways.

- Trolley physics : By demand of maybe 2 people, the trolleys now have physics...because why not.

- Font changes : Mild changes to better fonts for readability, mildly noticeable throughout the video.

That's all we can show...for now.

- keV


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can't wait