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very scary 

I never wanted to work a job like this, but it turns out it was a great experience! 8.2/10, I feel successful.


cool demo


My girlfriend gave this a try. :) Gameplay of EOTM begins @ 6:04.

for a demo, this is actually fireeee! I enjoyed playing this, jump scared a few times! Took me so long to find the fitness DVDs, I felt so stupid when I finally got them!


Well done on making such a great game.  I enjoyed it and look forward to seeing a full release.  I love the weirdness and the mundane tasks coupled with the weird creature on camera.  Took me aaaaaaaaaages to find the fitness DVD's.  

Checkout my playthrough should you wish too :)


New Gameplay :D 


un juego a la par de raro, interesante. me gusto aunque la verdad la mecánica al principio no la había entendido. sin duda alguna me gustaría ver hasta donde puede llegar. 


Very scary monster and funny voice from the boss lol

I understand that this is a demo, but it was very broken and I couldn't figure out what to do with "trash the blender"

this game was strange. it was fun though i cant lie. was a little confused at the end. 


Great demo, loved the aesthetic, can't wait to play future releases


I can't wait to try out the full version of this game! A game hasn't had me this stressed in a while lol! I put the link to this game in a Discord server for creators that I am in! Keep up the amazing work!

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😘


This demo is absolutely insane in all the right ways, quirky and genuinely funny, and the surrealist body horror was really cool I couldn't get enough. The events with the dimensions were some of the coolest ideas I've experienced in what is only a demo and would jump at the chance to play the finished product!


this is fun. nice ghost design. nicework. :)


Gotta love the gore and defective look of the monster,just wish i could find 1 more collectible for the reaper. overall had a great time working there,especially when making fun of my superior XD 


Really good game! Scared the absolute shit out of me and made scream like Goofy falling off a cliff. 

Looking forward to seeing more! 


I hope he still get his paycheck! 


ta buenooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


i made a cute video on your game I hope you watch a billion times




sirboss? sirboss?


Game Grumps played it and it looked amazing! Very old school horror/ Silent Hill 1 Vibes.


Nice game !

This was very, very good! Love the voice acting, love the style and the atmosphere. I may have gotten embarrassingly lost at times, but I'm pretty sure that's because I'm dumb.

Definitely check this out!


can ad more settings? cuz the game worked a little bit ok

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Hey, I got an error downloading the game, it says URL error and network error, can you give me an alternative link ?, because I want to make a video playing this game


I actually confused at first about where is tissue section is, and also what the heck happened to manager... but overall, this is still a good gameplay even though its just a demo. can't wait for the full version!!!

Keep continue making game my friends!!!

Love from Malaysia.


The game made me confused and scared at the same time (Pls sub for more content)

It won't download for me? Please help It just deletes the file when it finishes (Im on a windows)

That's your antivirus. Look up how to allow unknown publishers

Thank youuuu!!! It just started to work! 

how do i download the game like it will download but it won't let me play the game

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Really cool, weird game! I liked the manager, it was fun having him push me forward. I had trouble finding a few areas like the warehouse, but it didn't take too long to wander into it.

Still has audio issues on my side

All in all, I enjoyed it and I didn't know there were easter eggs :(

Great game, the way it changes in a sec...creepy lol

Me diverti muito com esse joguinho! Soube dosar muito bem o terror, escalando de pouco em pouco mas com ocasiões rápidas onde algo estranho pode acontecer em um momento aparentemente calmo. 

Espero ansioso pelo lançamento completo!. Aqui está minha gameplay em PT-BR dele : 

great game! cool concept!

I have one thing to say to this:

I hate my boss...

Great game though I got scared when I saw that thing walking around in the CCTV WOW!! Sorry though, I don't think I got the ending...

Keep up the good work!!

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